Monday, 28 April 2014

April 2014: Published Elsewhere

Well since my computer troubles I'm catching up some journal articles/conference papers (I was lucky enough to present to at the Global War Studies conference - but now I have to write it up) that I need to have ready soon, so unfortunately have no written pieces finished for this blog; however as I've said before I have been asked by CIMSEC/PTT to host a series of East Atlantic Sea Control Podcasts and here is the second one to be posted... - this is special as it is the first panel one, for which a series will soon be up.
Capability Analysis, East Atlantic, Podcast

Sea Control, Sea Control: East Atlantic, Tactical Concepts

Sea Control 32 – Naval Escorts (East Atlantic)

seacontrolemblemAlex Clarke hosts Sea Control’s East Atlantic Edition from Phoenix Think Tank. He discusses Naval Escorts with CDR Paul Fisher (RN, Ret) and CIMSEC associate editor Chris Stockdale.
DOWNLOAD: Sea Control 32 – Naval Escorts (East Atlantic)
In other news I am starting a series of special podcasts I will be announcing  in detail at a later date, but which will hopefully be of great interest to everyone.

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