Monday, 23 June 2014

June 2014: Published Elsewhere

Hallo, well I've finished the journal article and submitted it, so crossing fingers, and am currently working on a few different projects; and done a fair number of other pieces recently, so as soon as they are (hopefully) posted I will put links up. But for now, as I've said many times before, I'm currently very happy to be hosting for CIMSEC/PTT a series of East Atlantic Sea Control Podcasts and this is the fourth one to be done... 

Sea Control, Sea Control: East Atlantic

Sea Control 40 (East Atlantic) – Defense Cooperation

Alex Clarke is joined by the cadre in a third panel discussion for the East Atlantic Series. They discuss multination forces: whether and how nations should combine together to maximize security and minimize cost.  The particular focus of this session is feasibility: how nations can go about building cooperative strategies and whether they would want to.
DOWNLOAD: Sea Control 40 (East Atlantic) -Defense Cooperation
plus any suggestions for future topics, please comment below... its a great panel,,,