Monday, 31 March 2014

March 2014: Published Elsewhere

Well since my computer troubles I'm catching up some journal articles & conference papers that I need to have ready soon, so unfortunately have no written pieces finished for this blog; however I have been asked by CIMSEC/PTT to host a series of East Atlantic Sea Control Podcasts and here is the first one to be posted...
Capability Analysis, East Atlantic, Podcast

Sea Control 28 (East Atlantic) – The F-35

seacontrolemblemFor the inaugural edition of Sea Control’s “East Atlantic” series, Alexander Clarke brings on Steve George, former engineer with the F-35 program and Royal Navy veteran to discuss the challenges and misconceptions of the F-35 program. Remember, subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher Stream Radio. Leave a comment and five stars!
DOWNLOAD: Sea Control 28 (East Atlantic) -The F-35
Tune in next week for our interview with Erik Prince!


I think it was a very interesting one to do, and many more are to come,

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