Sunday, 1 September 2013

A little Explanation

I thought I should finally get around to explaining the titles of my posts.

Recently I decided to apply for a job at RAND which required the submission of a three page report/article and I had never really written one that length since my earliest days at university so I naturally decided it was best to write two… just in case I mucked one up. I enjoyed it, a lot – with the limitation of 3 pages so much was condensed, in comparison to other works every word had to be chosen with so much care and thought, it was a very enjoyable exercise, so I wrote two more… and these are the ‘Thoughts’, they are barely referenced (if at all) because they are my own ideas on the topic and as such slightly more scary to put out into the world… but hopefully they prove interesting and useful to more than just me; even if it’s just one more person it’ll have been worth it.

This leads me to explain my other titles Notes and Quick Notes/Notes in Quick (I keep changing the name around, sorry – I just pick whichever sounds best with the title). Notes are the questions I set myself on topics I’m interested to work on as wind down from the larger works I’m working on at any one time (at current its my PhD Thesis Corrections – Yay I passed, damn they didn’t like bits, mainly photos, tables, prose and not having visited a couple of archives so all easily rectifiable; and another Piece on post 2nd World War/Early Cold War Naval Strategy & Procurement: I’m hoping to turn both into books in time…so any advice on publishing is always welcome…but that’s for the future) they are referenced as well as I can find in limited time and I hope to make them as full as possible; but I am always looking at them and thinking of returning to the topics should I find more information or new things come out. Quick Notes/Notes in Quick are references, usually I write them because of other works I’m doing so that I can picture the timeline I write out what went on – it really is a great method of getting to grips with a wide expanse of time period, I can’t recommend it more highly.

I’m also hoping when I have some down time to get on with the Profiles of Aircraft Carriers I have started and maybe expand it into naval aircraft, amphibious ships, escorts and auxiliaries… I’m also thinking about some more indepth examinations of battles & wars and their impacts upon strategy & technology; but those are things for the future.

In the mean time I hope you find what I write helpful, interesting and informative.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

Yours sincerely


p.s. I have the comment approval thing turned on for two reasons, 1) I don’t like spam comments getting up there and with the level of commenting I usually get this is way to deal with it, and 2) If comments are sensible I like to reply to them immediately when they appear, if they’re not (I don’t mind ones that disagree with me, but if their just swearing or being rude why bother?) or are just repeating themselves over again I will veto them(i.e. if they keep making the same points and I keep replying to them it’s just going to get boring, mainly for me)…as a blogger I admire recently wrote, “it’s my blog it doesn’t have to be a democracy”

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